4 Sale @ Ellendale School

Ellendale School is selling a wide range of items at this time on www.bismanonline.com If you would like to review them/bid/or purchase please find the listings below. If you have questions please contact the school office at 349-3232.


Flower Pot - http://www.bismanonline.com/flower_pot_1


Oak Cupboard unit - http://www.bismanonline.com/oak_cupboard_2


Microwaves -

Sharp Unit 1 - http://www.bismanonline.com/sharp_microwave_a_59

Sharp Unit 2 - http://www.bismanonline.com/sharp_microwave_7_d8


.Coleman Air Compressor - http://www.bismanonline.com/coleman_air_compressor_5


Print Maker - http://www.bismanonline.com/beseler_print_maker35


Crisa Dish Sets (we have 23 sets)



Various sets of maps
Set - http://www.bismanonline.com/maps_f_89

Set - http://www.bismanonline.com/maps_f

Set - http://www.bismanonline.com/maps_e

Set 4 - http://www.bismanonline.com/maps_4

Set - http://www.bismanonline.com/maps_b



Desks for Sale

47 adult size desks. We have black or chrome finish. All seats blue with oak finish on top. All in used but good condition.


Call Jeff at 701-349-3232







































For Bid Items

To view items or get a description please contact Ellendale School at
349-3232 and ask for the person noted in the ad.
To Bid - send a sealed bid to Ellendale Public School, (indicate item), PO Box 400, Ellendale, ND 58436-0400.

For General Sales
Please stop by the main office at 321 N. 1st St in Ellendale.