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New Horizons Consortium
is a group of school districts in south central North Dakota working together to promote high quality instuction through the development of high quality instructional models, rigerous assessment, alternative teaching tools, and now an online learning provider.


Online courses are now available to all North Dakota school district through the New Horizons Consortium. We, working in partnership with Bridgewater Academy, are providing an extensive selection of onine courses, taught by highly qualified North Dakota teachers.

Why would you need an online course delivery system?

- credit recovery
- enhance existing course opportunities

- provide instruction to students in remote areas, that are unable to
attend school, or are in alternative education environments.
- when your school is unable to find the highly qualified teacher you need.
- as an alternative to ITV or other distance eduation options
- course delivery online for those in an 1:1 environment

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Cost per semester credit


NH Consortium Schools your cost is $250 per semester credit

Bridgewater / New Horizons Online Academy Approved
December 2009 the ND Department of Public Instruction approved the Bridgewater / New Horizons Academy to provide online coursework to all schools and students in North Dakota.


Bridgewater / New Horizons Online Academy
Jeff Fastnacht, Coordinator
Ellendale Public School, PO Box 400, Ellendale ND 58436