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The mission of the Ellendale Public School Foundation is to raise funds to promote and enhance academic programs, enrichment activities, extracurricular programs, and professional development opportunities that go beyond the traditional programs provided by the district.


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The Ellendale School Foundation Presents Check


The Ellendale Public School Foundation Board presented a check for $2,000.00 to the Ellendale Elementary's Dolly Parton Library Program. This program funds books for kids 0-5 in our community. Each child receives 12 books a year free of charge. This donation will fund our program for about 2 years. If you would wish to donation to the Foundation or the Dolly Parton Library program please contact the school.


The Ellendale Public School Foundation plans to continue to fund classrooms grants each year as funds and interest provide. If you would like to make a donation to the Ellendale School Foundation to support efforts like this please contact Mr. Jeff Fastnacht, Superintendent of Ellendale School, at 701-349-3232 or go to www.ellendale.k12.nd.us/foundationE





The Ellendale Public School Foundation is an independent
non-profit organization that strives to promote high quality learning experiences for our children. This is accomplished by seeking donations, memorials, pledges, and other monetary gifts that can be invested with the foundation.



The Ellendale Public School Foundation was created in 2009 in partnership with the North Dakota Community Foundation. The NDCF provides the basis for the foundations tax exempt status as a 501(c3). NDCF has a long standing of working in North Dakota and makes it a safe and wise partner for investments as it strives to improve the quality of life for North Dakota citizens. Learn more about the NDCF here.


The mission of the NDCF is 'to improve the quality of life for North Dakota's citizens through charitable giving and promoting philanthropy. 'The dictionary defines charitible giving as "benevolent goodwill toward humanity; selfless, not self-serving" and philanthropy as "a desire to help mankind."


The Ellendale Area Scholarship Fund is another foundation administered by the Ellendale Public School Foundation Committee. This fund is designed to be a vehicle for local citizens, parents, classes, or groups to donate toward scholarships provided each year to Ellendale seniors. This fund is deposited in the NDCF and benefits from the safe and wise investments of that organization. Each year the proceeds from the interest on this fund are allocated to seniors making application.



The Ellendale School Foundation received a significant donation on May 12, 2017 from the Reis Family Trust. The Reis family were graduates of Ellendale and Kulm School and left their estate to both institutions. This check worth $50,000 was the first installment.

STEP 1 - Begin by completing the online donation form - begin here
Disclaimer: Funds received by the foundation for "special projects" above will be held for their completion. However, the Ellendale School Foundation reserves the right to use your gift to enhance education in other ways if the goal of any of these special projects is not met.

STEP 2 - To Send your Gift choose one of the following methods:
Online - Donate via the NDCF site. Making a donation in this manner is secure and convenient. When selecting the appropriate fund choose "Ellendale Public School Foundation Fund"

Mail - Make Your Check to NDCF, c/o Ellendale Public School Foundation
Ellendale Public School
Ellendale School Foundation
PO Box 400
Ellendale, ND 58436

- Outright Gifts: This is a simple, convenient, way to donate and receive maximum tax advantage. Money, securities, or property may be transferred to the fund, and the donor receives a tax deduction based on the value at the time of transfer. The donor will not be subject to capital gains tax on any appreciation.

- Outright Bequests: Donors may provide gifts to the foundation by a will. The will can provide for a stated sum, for a stated percentage, or for the residue and remainder of the estage, real or personal.

- Charitable Remainder Trust: Gifts made in this manner can pay a lifetime income to the donor or his designee. After death, the residue of the trust becomes property of the foundation.

- Life Insurance: By naming the fund as the irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy, donors are entitle to an immediate tax deducation in the amount of the cash value of the policy. Premiums paid thereafter are deductible from income tax.

- Memorials: Gifts honoring individuals are an appropriate way of indicating one's care and concern. Funds are welcome as memorials, gifts, or annual donations.