• Picture Concerns
    If not satisfied return entire packet to office

    It has come to our attention that some of the student pictures have a red hue. If not satisfied
    1. Bring your pictures back - and ask them to be reprinted.
    2. Bring your pictures back - and ask for a retake during our upcoming retake day.
    Please have your child return the entire packet of pictures to the office Tuesday or Wed.

  • Gearing Up for K
    Session #2 on Wednesday

    If you have a child that you think may be attending Kindergarten starting in the fall of 2016 this is for you. This is a time for both the child and parents to prepare for this transition. Session #2 will be on Wednesday, at the school, starting at 5:00. Child care is provided.

  • Thunder in Ellendale
    EPS hosting game on Friday
    The THUNDER will be hosting Milnor/N. Sargent Friday night at 7pm. Come on out and cheer on the THUNDER.

    Remember EPS passes are not honored so be prepared to pay for admission.
  • Fire Safety Week
    Oct 12-16
    Ellendale Fire Department members will be in the school during this week teaching various classes about fire safety.
  • PreSchool Mtg
    Community Organizational Meeting
    State law requires that all school supt organize a community pre-school meeting this fall. This is intended for all pre-school providers to attend to discuss pre-school (age 3&4) services. If interested it will be held Thursday, Oct 8th at 6:30 in the Library.


XC @ Cooperstown

XC will be in Cooperstown on Thursday, Oct 8th. Good Luck Cardinals!

New Updates to EPS Site

Did you notice the button?

It is being rolled out to some pages. Look in the upper left corner of some pages.

Parents Night Friday

EEK Thunder Parents night will be on Friday. Come to the MPR after the game.

Email link to office@ellendale.k12.nd.us Email link to office@ellendale.k12.nd.us