All senior pictures are due to the Redbird Advisor by February 15. To submit the pictures please send a digital copy of the picture to Mrs. Radermacher at or bring an electronic copy of the picture to the school library during school hours. Please see the policy passed by the school board below in reference to senior pictures.

YEARBOOK REGULATIONS                                                                  Descriptor Code: FGDD-BR
These regulations pertain to the requirements for pictures and other content submitted to the Yearbook Advisor for consideration for use in the EHS Redbird.
All pictures or personal information (Example – About Me/Future Plan section) printed in the yearbook pages
will be subject to approval by the Yearbook Advisory, yearbook staff and school administration.
The Yearbook Advisor may implement additional submission rules and timelines to allow timely completion of
the yearbook. These guidelines shall be shared with students as needed.
Pictures must follow these regulations:
1. Senior pictures shall:
a. Be provided in portrait layout.
b. Head and shoulder pictures are recommended.
c. The only person in the picture will be the student that is registered at Ellendale High School as a member of the senior class.
2. Inappropriate props or references not permitted in pictures:
a. Alcohol or any alcoholic beverage (Policy FFA)
b. Any controlled substance or dangerous drug (Policy FFA)
c. Tobacco as defined to include any product that contains tobacco, is manufactured from tobacco, contains nicotine, e-cigarettes, and other electronic smoking devices. (Policy ABBA)
d. Representations deemed to promote harassment or discrimination. (Policy AAC)
e. Firearm or weapon (Policy FFD)
i. Exception
1. The inclusion of official US Military seals/badges which may include an image of a gun or weapon is acceptable.
3. Clothing must adhere to the dress code (see student handbook for dress code).

Pictures not following these regulations, when not remediated, may be cropped or the school contracted picture of the student may be used in its place.
Any appeals of the Redbird Advisor or yearbook staff’s decision may be appealed to the high school principal in writing.
Administration has the right to review, alter, or remove any content that they feel violates these guidelines or other district policy.