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EHS Newsletter

EHS Newsletter

The newest edition of the EPS Newsletter has been posted to the website and will hit your mailboxes soon!  

School Safety Presentation

School Safety Presentation

Your student(s) will participate in a School Safety Presentation on December 14. Please see the attachment for more information. [pdf-embedder url="" title="SAVE...

Apply for P-EBT Benefits!

Apply for P-EBT Benefits!

Applying for Free & Reduced Meals can get you extra funding for groceries this year, while it also helps our school qualify for funding in other ways. Find out more details in the attachments below. Then click here to apply! [pdf-embedder...

EPS Book Fair

EPS Book Fair

The EPS Book Fair is online this year! Please go to this link to shop. The EPS Library will get 25% profit from all orders!

EPS Silent Auction

Ellendale Public School will be holding a silent auction the week of July 20th - 24th, 2020. Sale items will be available for viewing each day from 8 am - 3 pm at the school. Bidders shall be casting their bids by bidder number which can be obtained at the school...

EPS COVID-19 Update

EPS COVID-19 Update

TO: Members of the Board, Staff, Students, and EPS FamiliesFROM: Mr. Michael Kaiser, SuperintendentSUBJECT: Fall 2020 Reopening PlanningDATE: July 2nd, 2020 Many people are wondering what school will look like starting this fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first...

Bus & Route Information

Bus Announcements

Changes to routes and busing are often necessary.  The district uses an automated calling service called ParentLink. In the event of poor weather causing delays or cancellations you will be contacted within minutes. If you would like to ensure your home number is on the system or to add additional numbers (cells, work, etc) please contact the office at 349-3232.

Parents are asked to contact their route driver or the office as soon as possible if students are not riding.

Route Information

Rural Routes & Maps
Route 1 – NE including Fullerton
Route 2 – NW including Merricourt Area & Hwy 281 North and Monango
Route 6 – SW including Forbes Area, Pheasant Lake, & Hwy 11 West (Town – Westside Trailer Court)
Route 9 – SE along Hwy 11 East, the State Line, & Hwy 281 South (Town – Bell Addition & TBC – Zion Lutheran Church)

Town Stops
Any residents within the city of Ellendale may send their child to one of the indicated town pickup/drop points. The specific pickup time for each is unique but is approximately between 8am and 815am. Drop offs will occur right after school is dismissed and should be done within 15 minutes of 3:45pm. We would advise parents, new to the community, to take their child to the pickup point the first few days to ensure a consistent and successful start.

Click here for the CDL Drivers Guide

IT Department

Acceptable Use Policy
All faculty, students, and staff should be aware of the Acceptable Use policy as it pertains to use of technology.

Internet Filtering
Ellendale Public School provides Internet filtering on all computers within the district.  This filtering is provided by LightSpeed and will filter content for our students not only at school but also when their iPad is taken off campus.  The list of filtered categories for the district is reviewed annually by the technology committee.  Persons can make request to filter or un-filter specific web sites at any time by emailing us. Please make sure to include the exact URL address, your reason for your request, and duration you would like to see the site opened for.  These applications are then reviewed and considered by the school administration and technology committee.

EPS App icon   Download the free ParentLink App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

High School Schedule

2017-2018 Schedule

Period 0 7:30-8:30
Period 1 8:40-9:30
Period 2 9:33-10:23
Period 3 10:26-11:16
Lunch 7-8 11:16-11:38
Period 4 11:19-12:31
Lunch 9-12 12:09-12:31
Period 5 12:34-1:24
Period 6 1:27-2:17
Period 7 2:20-3:10
Period 8 3:10-3:30

M and W classes meet on Friday first semester.
T and R classes meet on Friday second semester.

Parent Directive

These resources are provided to parents as required by NDCC 15.1-21-08.1 which pertains to a parents right to withdraw their child from state assessments required under 15.1-21-08.

♦ Parent Letter

♦ Parent Directive Form


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